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Pure, efficient, and precise
water-soluble fertilizer solutions

Peters delivers premium results to plants, and business margins that thrive. Growers control the delivery of just the right nutrition, right when they want it. The result is a superior product that looks good and demands a premium at retail. Get all the nutrients your plants need, and nothing else—no tank sludge, line buildup or clogged emitters.

Healthy plants

Pure power

Backed by industry-leading research and development, Peters provides the cleanest, highest-quality water-soluble nutrient source, resulting in superior nutrient uptake, robust growth, and the brightest color. Its pure formulation keeps emitters flowing and won’t harm the environment. The exclusive M-77® chelating formula assures fast and efficient absorption of nutrients and trace elements.

Everything’s under

Deliver the precise amount of nutrients your plants need for optimum development —exactly where you want, when you want. The high level of control that Peters affords means a nutrition plan executed to perfection and the ability to quickly pivot if conditions change.

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Support from
beginning to end

As a commercial grower, you face complex challenges on a daily basis—but with Peters, you’re never alone in your efforts. Our team of experts will provide personalized nutritional guidance throughout each step of the planting and growth cycles. Your operational efficiency is maximized—and so is your profit.

Margins that thrive

Growth and business both flourish with Peters in your corner. With cleaner ingredients that produce premium plants that thrive through the retail stage and beyond, expect to see higher demand and a boosted bottom line. Peters makes the difference and your customers will see it.

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