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Count on Peters to deliver superior nutrient uptake by your plants, resulting in robust growth, consistent quality and breathtaking color. The purity of our products ensures clean formulations and nearly 100% solubility—so say goodbye to precipitates, clogged emitters and other buildup.

And, our specialized product options allow for customizable nutritional programs suited to your needs.

Peters Professional

This baseline fertilizer provides the quick response and robust growth that produces healthy margins at retail.

Peters Professional’s revolutionary M-77® chelating formula boosts a plant’s absorption of nutrients and trace elements at the root zone. Expect a quick response and robust growth from the world’s leading water-soluble fertilizer line.

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Peters Professional Peat-Lite

Peters Professional Peat-Lite products are highly specialized formulations containing ideal levels of micronutrients specifically designed for high Peat moss growing media. From pre-transplant blends to stand-alone fertilizers, you’ll find a solution for your precise needs.

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Peters Excel

Single-bag solutions for distinctive results and a clean irrigation system. The patented M-77® chelation system allows maximum absorbency of nutrients and trace elements—and that means a more premium product and a stronger bottom line. All Peters Excel formulations can be mixed in your stock tank to create the ideal mix for any plant.

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Peters Excel pHLow

Specifically developed for hard water conditions, this highly soluble formulation mixes easily and keeps irrigation systems clean. Acidifying technology ensures a stable pH level, and the high levels of chelated trace elements deliver excellent growth and color.

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